tiina liimu is a multidisciplinary creative…

Her art practice overlaps time-based and digital forms, traditional media, images, and installation. She engaged with artist-run centres, incubating projects for exhibition and performance and served as a member of the Board of Directors and education committees for VIVO Media Arts Centre. Liimu has exhibited media output at New Forms Festival.

Working between Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON, this includes art and production services for motion pictures and live events. Styling commercial photography sets and interiors for advertising, decor design, and fabrication for events, exhibits, and theatre.

As a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, her studies drew attention to the intersections of new media, fine art, and narrative design. She expanded her digital media, animation, and graphic design credentials through experimental disciplines and ongoing training.

While photographing concerts and DIY music subcultures for over a decade, culminating in a respectable archive of dynamic images. These found their way into popular culture magazines, promotional, archives and album art.

the studio is

about listening quiet…

These words repeat like a cycling mantra. It’s a sorting process and an exercise. Parsing through a container of cut-ups, a camera loaded with captures, and a room filled with work in progress. It’s an intuitive assembly of parts and fragments. A study of repetition, motion, material-immaterial and plant structure. A fascination with field recordings and snapshots of light and shadow.

music photography

images that weigh in on grit and character…

Live music can be intoxicating, distorted, and dizzying. It is a loud yet soft and laser-focused experience; I feel the same way about listening to it. The results are images that weigh in on grit and character. An art form and precarious craft. The fickle business of catching sparks and the painstaking task of shaking it all loose from the walls of a little black box.

film industry

a co-conspirator in the many ways to make it all happen…

Collaborating with a team of gifted artists and makers, the work supports the storytelling craft by employing scenic finishes and clever fabrication. Through organizational and spatial tetris, a perfect stage is set. To access film-related CVs and details, I can be reached via email.

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